Here’s a list of things that you shoud check before playing Battlefield 4:


1. Don’t play it on Windows 7.


Install Windows 8 or 8.1 x64, there is no reason not to. If you are a Win8 Metro hater, install Start8. It’s only five bucks and it restores the start button and menu  and it can completely disable the Metro interface.

Why should you switch to Windows 8?

You will gain a 10-20 fps boost, and there have been reports for up to 50 fps boost.

But most important, the game will be incredibly smoother and will almost 100% decrease stuttering, especially in the C point in MP_Prison (Operation Locker) and between B and C points in MP_Flood (Flood Zone)


2 Unpark your CPU to further decrease stuttering


Both Windows 7 and 8 have a power/heat-saving function that parks (puts in stand-by) the less used logical processors/threads of your CPU.

Unparking prevents the OS from doing that. You will have more power consumption and more heat, but your PC will also be faster and your game smother.

IMO it is unacceptable to have parked cores in a Desktop PC. Energy saving should be laptop exclusive.

You can unpark your CPU cores manually or you can install this piece of software and do it with two clicks:

(Because it changes the way Windows works, it can be seen as malware by certain antivirusesUnparkUnparking Utility



3. Update your motherboard’s BIOS and install the latest chipset drivers


It may seem counter intuitive, but BIOS and chipset updates seem to reduce stuttering even more on some platforms. Eg. some models of Sabertooth


4. Get all your drivers up to date


This utility helps:  DriverScanner 2012


5. In Windows 8 make the game run in Windows 7 compatibility mode to reduce the frequency the game crashes.


6. Game performance/quality balance


You should disable Multisampling (Deferred AA), Anti-aliasing Post and Ambient Occlusion if you don’t run 780’s or 290x’s in SLI/XFire to reduce frame drops in the middle of the battle.

Disable Motion Blur

Disable VSync. It will add a huge amount of mouse lag.

You can activate Triple Buffering from your Nvidia Control Pannel or AMD CCC for a smoother game play without sacrificing a lot of mouse responsiveness.

Network Smoothing Factor should be 0% or 10%. Netcode is allready a huge fail, don’t make it worse.


These are the video setting that me and my clan found to be the best ballance of performance/quality until now:

Performance: GTX 780 – Dosen’t drop under 120fps

GTX 770/Radeon 7970/280X  ~ 100fps


Texture quality HIGH

Texture Filtering HIGH

Terrain Quality HIGH

Derrain Decoration MEDIUM

Resolution Scale 100 (can make this 80 or 90 for a considerable fps boost)

Post-process Quality MEDIUM

Mesh Quality HIGH (don’t need ULTRA anymore, like in BF3, it seems to render objects great in the distance)

Lightning Quality LOW

Effects Quality: LOW (No fps drops when things blow up)

Anti-aliasing Post LOW (can add a little blur to the image)

Anti-aliasing Deferred OFF

Ambient Occluion Off

(Thanks to RivalXFactor for those settings)