Battlefield 1 Best Weapons - Guide to the Best Guns for Each Class  


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Battlefield 1, much like its predecessors, offers a plethora of weapons to choose from, and even divided amongst four classes, the sheer number can make choosing the best one for the job a tough task. Worry no more, though, because we're here to tell you about the best Battlefield 1 weapons available. 

This guide will detail the best guns available in each class, why they're so great, and the most effective ways to use them. It will be divided up by class, with detailed tips on why the weapon is so good for that specific class and what its role is in combat. If you want to spruce up your new guns with some snazzy new skins, check out our Guide to Battlepacks, Scrap, and Puzzle Pieces

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Battlefield 1 Best Guns Guide

We've got a list of the brand new weapons set to be included in Battlefield 1 in the In the Name of the Tsar DLC, which launches for Premium Pass customers on September 5, and two weeks later for all other Battlefield 1 players. 

  • Maxim SMG Prototype - This 80-round capacity sub machine gun is an exclusive weapon for the Assault class.
  • General Liu Rifle - Carrying a capacity of 6 rounds, this bolt-action rifle is for the Medic only. 
  • Perino Model 1908 LMG - For the Support class, this weapon could be capable of switching reloading types when mounted on a bipod.
  • Vetterli M1870 Rifle - The in-game variants of this weapon are infantry and carbine, and it will be available for the Support class.
  • Obrez - A 'bolt action shotgun', for the Tanker/Pilot.
  • Parabellum MG14/17 - This weapon holds over 100 rounds for the Support class, and also has a suppressive variant.
  • Mosin-Nagant M91 - The Scout class can use this, in either infantry or marksman mode.
  • Model 1900 - A double barrel shotgun used only be the Assault class. 
  • Fedorov Avtomat - The Medic class can use this weapon, in either Trench or Optical mode.
  • Nagant Revolver - This secondary pistol can be equipped by any class.
  • C93 Carbine - The Pilot class can get their hands on this rifle, which also comes in a suppressed variant.
In the Name of the Tsar's new Russian army.

Assault: M97 Trench Backbored, MP 18 Trench, Ribeyerolles 1918 (DLC), Sjogren Inertial Shotgun (DLC)

Obviously Assault is going to thrive with shotguns, and a close-range blast is going to take most enemy troops down without much trouble no matter which kind you choose. That's why you want to ratchet up the accuracy as much as possible, and in that respect, the M97 Trench Backbored is second to none in the accuracy department. 

If you prefer automatic guns, the MP 18 Trench is a great option. An early unlock, it works great in close quarters and is amazingly accurate even when not aiming down the sights. The ability to shoot from the hip more easily means you can quickly react to enemies that come from out of nowhere, especially with the attached bayonet that comes with the Trench variant. The MP 18 Trench is ideal for loadouts geared towards taking down tanks, as it works best as a way to take out threats in your way as opposed to cleaning up control points with a shotgun. For more tips on playing the Assault class, check out our Battlefield 1 Assault Class Guide

If you own the They Shall Not Pass DLC, then you have some interesting toys at your disposal. The Ribeyerolles 1918 is a phenomenal automatic weapon featuring a tripod that allows you to go prone and take out enemies in a pinch. For those who prefer shotguns, the semi-automatic Sjogren Interial Shotgun is arguably the best gun in the whole game, its inertia-based feeding mechanism allowing you to chew through enemies at a rapid rate. 

Support: M1909 Benet Mercie, BAR M1918, Chauchat LMG (DLC)

For Support, you're seemingly given the perfect weapon for the class immediately. It's great for suppressive fire, has a respectable range, and handles in a way that suits the versatility of the class. But that's why you should immediately purchase the M1909 Benet Mercie, as it's strictly better than your default weapon – better rate of fire, better handling, and a more accurate sight. 

If you're looking for something more combat-focused that will let you get more kills in, then the BAR M1918 is a good alternative, as it has a longer range, has a scope, and has an attached stand that you can use to steady it when prone. The BAR M1918 is perfect if you're going for more of an Offensive Support hybrid archetype. For more tips on playing the Support class, check out our Battlefield 1 Support Class Guide

For DLC owners, the Chauchat LMG is the new champion for the Support class. It features optical and non-optical variants, great accuracy at range, and a tripod for going prone. It's great whether you're looking down the sights or shooting from the hip, and is the preferred gun if you can get it. 

Scout: Russian 1895 or Gewehr 98

By far the most annoying aspect of the Scout class is reloading between shots of the sniper rifle. The gun's range is the best by far, but its rate of fire is abysmal to compensate. That's why the Russian 1895 is quite possibly the best choice for your Scout game. It's more of a medium range rifle, but it's fast as all get out, which is what you want when you just miss a head shot and are scrambling to load another round. The large scope also gives you visibility that you just don't get with other rifles, which is a vastly underrated feature of sniper rifles. Widening your extremely limited peripheral vision can mean the difference between seeing an approaching enemy squad and frantically scrambling to hit something after it's already too late. 

If you prefer more raw power and range and don't mind the inherent slowness of the sniper rifle, you might do well to check out the Gewehr 98. Not only does it let you pick off enemies from even further away, but it also lets you deliver the bullet from your gun to the opponent's head faster and more accurately. The bullet will keep its velocity more reliably, and your shot will drop off due to gravity less. If you value accuracy and range most, this is the gun you want.For more tips on playing the Scout class, check out our Battlefield 1 Scout Class Guide

The DLC grants Scouts the Lebel Model 1886, but you're better off with the Gewehr, which holds slightly less ammo but reloads much more quickly. In the end, the Gewehr is the superior option. 

Medic: Selbstlader M1916 or Mondragón Marksman

When you're the Medic, you're not looking for a gun that can kill the most enemies the fastest or the most efficiently. You're looking for a gun that can get you out of a scrape in case something goes wrong. You might be tempted to stick with the default rifle since combat isn't your strong suit, but it's a bit too slow for something that's supposed to get you out of a pinch. The best option is a balanced gun that has a rate of fire that can quickly dispatch enemies you happen to run into with the stability the ensure your sights stay set on their bodies. Here, the Selbstlader M1916 reigns supreme. 

If you're going into a battlefield crawling with snipers, then the Mondragón Marksman is a good alternative. A rifle fitted with a scope and a bipod, it will let you defend yourself and your allies against sniper fire when you're pinned down, and the attached bayonet will allow you to keep enemies that close in on you at bay. For more tips on playing the Medic class, check out our Battlefield 1 Medic Class Guide

Medics gain the RSC 1917 in the DLC: A high-powered rifle that will do tremendous damage but is very difficult to use. Strong as it might be, most players will be more comfortable with the M1916.

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